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International Representatives

CONTESA's appointed representatives overseas are all unpaid volunteers

Hong Kong

CONTESA is registered as an authorised charity in Hong Kong. The Chairman is Mr Anand Dialdas and the directors are Ms Lidia Chan, Kelvin Avon and CONTESA founding trustees Esnat and Roger Avon who are also directors of CONTESA HK.


CONTESA has appointed Don and Nancy Johnson as its USA representatives. Don and Nancy are very active supporters of CONTESA and arranged the production of the CONTESA video which is available on YouTube.


CONTESA has appointed Dauti Phiri as it’s representative in Zambia. Dauti is very committed and active for CONTESA and carries out considerable voluntary work on it’s behalf including the vetting of programmes, costs and inspection of projects.

Our Mission

To help alleviate the suffering of (aids) orphans and disadvantaged children in Zambia through the provision of basic shelter, food and primary education and training, regardless of their background, religion or race.

Our Vision

To empower orphans and disadvantaged children in Zambia by providing them with food, education and vocational skills training and where necessary shelter.