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Annual Reports & Audited Accounts

CONTESA is a registered non-profit making limited company (company registration number 5314471) and a UK registered charity (charity number 1109311). Although CONTESA is a small charity and is not legally required to have it’s accounts audited, the Trustees decided from day 1 to appoint a firm of auditors as this would give confidence to supporters, donors and the trustees. CONTESA appointed Averillo and Associates of Croydon and they have been re-appointed each year.

Details of the finances, accounts and compliance record of CONTESA are availble on the Charity Commission website - click here to view

CONTESA Annual Report and Audited Accounts 2013-2014
CONTESA Annual Report and Audited Accounts 2012-2013

CONTESA Board and Trustees

The CONTESA board currently comprises 4 directors/trustees including the Chair. CONTESA does not employ any staff directly in the UK and does not have any staff costs but relies on the trustees and volunteers. 100% of the UK administration costs are currently met by the Trustees, thereby allowing 100% of donations to go directly to programmes and projects. CONTESA also does not directly employ any staff in Zambia.

Our Mission

To help alleviate the suffering of (aids) orphans and disadvantaged children in Zambia through the provision of basic shelter, food and primary education and training, regardless of their background, religion or race.

Our Vision

To empower orphans and disadvantaged children in Zambia by providing them with food, education and vocational skills training and where necessary shelter.