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Welcome to our website

We are a charity devoted to working with grass root organisations in Zambia which support orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia, Africa through the provision of small grants. CONTESA operated from June 2005 to 30 June 2017 as a charity which directly supported ongoing feeding, education and skills programmes but due to a change in circumstances and in income levels with effect from 1st July 2017 CONTESA discontinued the regular support to ongoing programmes and switched to a small one-off grant based approach. Orphans, malnutrition and education continue to be major challenges in Zambia and remain as our main areas of support. CONTESA supports grass root organisations orphans and disadvantaged children through the provision of small grants, regardless of their background, religion or race'.

All monies donated to CONTESA go 100% to approved projects and none go to administration costs which are personally borne by the Trustees, company sponsors or designated administration donations.

Photos of our programmes and projects

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Our Mission

To help alleviate the suffering of orphans and disadvantaged children in Zambia through the provision of small grants for food, education, health, welfare, uniforms, shoes or general well being.

Our Vision

To support grass root organisations in Zambia who are working to support and empower orphans and disadvantaged children with shelter, food, education and their general well being.